Announcing our preliminary 2018 Mad Knockers roster!

GO MAD! Slamming into the 2018 season, we bring you Monadnock Roller Derby’s preliminary 2018 Mad Knockers roster!

roster 2018.jpg

But wait, there’s more…Mad Knockers 2018 group 3

The Mad Knockers are a truly amazing group of powerful, smart, determined women, each at their own point along the roller derby journey. We train hard all year and are thrilled to deliver you a 2018 season packed with new energy and unstoppable spirit.

Top row, L to R: Dread & Roses, Damn Yell, TenderizeHer, Cow Plow, Mal Ware, Polish Hammer, Jeneration Crash

Middle row, L to R: Hazel Nutter, Crash Cart, Tigrr Killy, Roxy Slaughter, J. Mayhem, Ginger Snapped

Bottom row, L to R: The Jessicutioner, Sprawkett, Jane Doe, The Mongol, Harpy Quinn, Smackajawea

Up-and-coming Mad Knockers:

alts 2018.jpg

Look for a roster update, our season schedule, AND Mad Misfits news coming soon!

As alwaPAT.JPGys, props to Pat the Brat, our beloved ref!

To join us as a non-skating or skating official, volunteer, skater, or sponsor, email us:



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