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5 Reasons YOU should be a sponsor:

5 – We are mission-driven.

We are a skater-run, registered NH nonprofit, working to positively impact people’s lives. Roller derby is about more than athletic competition; it’s about leadership, diversity, teamwork, confidence, courage, and spirit. Read our mission statement here.

4 – We are local.

We build community by participating in local charitable efforts and events. Our service and outreach activities have included community supper to benefit The Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center, Red Cross blood drives, self-defense classes with our local police department, and Antrim’s annual Home & Harvest festival.

3 – We are accessible.

No matter what size, shape, experience, or ability, we welcome and challenge all members to meet their personal goals. Some of our members skate competitively against other roller derby teams, while others just skate for fun, health, and connection. We strive to be a welcoming, friendly team that supports individual growth.

2 – We are small.

While larger organizations have the membership and fan base to support numerous fund raisers, events, and other income, our league is member-run. We are parents, educators, students, farmers, clerks, artists, volunteers, and more. Sponsors make it possible for our members to do more of what they love (skate!) and even provide skates, insurance, and protective gear for those who would otherwise not be able to participate.

1 – We will stand by you.

Through our online and print media, signage and announcements at bouts and community events, and other creative outlets, we will make sure you are appreciated for your contributions to our worthy endeavor. We love our sponsors!

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