Join us as a skater, referee, or non-skating official

Monadnock Roller Derby is a league of skaters and community members dedicated to the sport and spirit of roller derby. Our members come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. We have multiple jobs, roles, challenges, and gifts, but above all, we are tribe. 

Monadnock Roller Derby does NOT require you to:

  • already be a super athlete or have any prior skating experience;
  • have a mega competitive streak, aggressive personality, or bad attitude;
  • wear tattoos, piercings, fishnets or silly frocks (unless you want to);
  • be slender, tall, and/or anything other than who you already are.

What is required:

  • a desire to learn and try new things;
  • a cooperative team spirit;
  • a healthy attitude about hard work and sweat;
  • a commitment to “using your edges” – leaning into what’s hard and/or scary, because that’s where we get to grow.

Fun yet ferocious, fierce yet family-friendly, we train hard and play harder.

Interested members, please read our Code of Conduct.


The next step is to get in touch with us and let us know you’d like to come check out a practice. Contact us.

We have some equipment you can borrow (just let us know ahead of time), and we have great, experienced skaters and trainers who will be happy to welcome you.


Interested in becoming an official? We welcome skating AND non-skating official to train with us. Contact us!

Officials Pat the Brat and Sprawkett