Skate boot camp and rhythm skate sessions: May 6 – June 24 in Peterborough

Mad Knocker extraordinaire Sarah “Sprawkett” Wright is leading a rhythm skate meet-up starting on Saturday, May 6th, 9 AM – 11 AM. We will be meeting up at the Peterborough skate park (aka Adams Playground, 64 Union Street). It will run from May 6th to June 24th (with the exception of May 20th and June 10th).
We will be starting with an hour of boot camp style workout. Typically seven exercises for one minute each, followed by a one-minute full-body movement and a one-minute break. Then we will be putting our skates on for one hour to learn rhythm skating with each other.
What is rhythm skating, you ask? Sprawkett has compiled this YouTube playlist that provides examples of the drills we will be discovering together. If you’d like to participate in the new skill set, please attempt the drills in the playlist, and come with a familiar idea about what we will be attempting. Key word: attempting.
Sprawkett would appreciate an email to confirm your attendance. This meet-up is meant for humans that are experienced at skating and can stride around in a skating rink with out a problem.

Email Sprawkett

There is no guarantee that this will be successful the first time, so be a part of the beginning, before any of us are experienced.
Bring a yoga mat, athletic shoes (or bare feet), water bottle, and your skates with the pads you will feel comfortable doing some foot work in. At least knee pads are suggested.
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